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Top 5 Restaurants in Nicosia

Top 5 Restaurants in Nicosia, Cyprus

by Gastronomy team

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is a city steeped in history and culture. As the culinary heart of the island, it offers an incredible array of dining experiences that mirror its rich heritage. From traditional Cypriot flavors to contemporary international cuisines, here are the top 5 restaurants in Nicosia that represent the epitome of gastronomic excellence:

  1. Pyxida Fish Tavern: An essential destination for seafood lovers, Pyxida Fish Tavern showcases the Mediterranean’s bounty. Located in a beautifully restored mansion, the restaurant’s menu is highlighted by the fish meze, a selection of various seafood delicacies. The freshness of the ingredients and the elegant atmosphere make Pyxida a must-visit for an authentic maritime dining experience.
  2. Avli tou Vasilea: Translated as “The King’s Yard,” Avli tou Vasilea offers traditional Cypriot cuisine in a picturesque Venetian courtyard. The extensive meze menu, featuring dishes like ‘halloumi’ cheese and ‘kleftiko’ lamb, is prepared with local and fresh ingredients. The beautiful setting and attentive service make it an ideal place to savor the richness of Cypriot flavors.
  3. Blue Elephant: For those seeking an exotic culinary journey, Blue Elephant delivers authentic Thai cuisine in a luxurious, tropical setting. With a menu crafted by Thai chefs, the restaurant presents classics such as green curry and Pad Thai. The extensive cocktail list and exquisite décor, complete with water features, make dining at Blue Elephant a unique and enchanting experience.
  4. Avo’s Armenian Food: Offering a taste of Armenia in the heart of Nicosia, Avo’s Armenian Food is a hidden gem. The menu highlights traditional Armenian dishes like ‘manti’ (dumplings) and ‘lahmajoun’ (Armenian pizza), prepared with genuine love and care. The family-run atmosphere and flavorful cooking make Avo’s a comforting and memorable spot.
  5. To Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio: A tribute to Greek culinary traditions, To Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio creates a lively taverna atmosphere. Specializing in ‘mezedes’ (small plates) paired with ‘ouzo,’ the restaurant features Greek favorites like ‘soutzoukakia’ and ‘tzatziki.’ The vibrant setting, live music, and authentic tastes make it a lively destination for social dining.

These five restaurants in Nicosia offer more than just a meal; they provide an immersive experience into the diverse culinary landscape of Cyprus and beyond. Whether indulging in the fresh seafood of Pyxida Fish Tavern or embarking on an exotic journey at Blue Elephant, diners are treated to quality ingredients, artistic presentation, and unparalleled hospitality.

With an impressive blend of traditional and international flavors, Nicosia’s culinary scene is a vibrant reflection of the city’s multicultural history. Exploring these top 5 restaurants allows both visitors and locals to appreciate the craftsmanship and cultural richness that makes Nicosia a dynamic and appealing gastronomic destination. The culinary delights awaiting in these establishments are a testament to Nicosia’s standing as a city that celebrates the joy of food in all its glorious diversity.

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