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Top 5 Restaurants in Larnaca

Top 5 Restaurants in Larnaca, Cyprus

by Gastronomy team

The coastal city of Larnaca, with its stunning sea views and rich history, is also a flourishing culinary destination in Cyprus. Larnaca is brimming with gastronomic delights that cater to every palate, from traditional Cypriot dishes to exotic world cuisine. Here are the top 5 restaurants that truly shine in Larnaca’s culinary scene:

  1. To Kazani Traditional Tavern: This gem is tucked away in the village of Alethriko, just outside Larnaca. To Kazani is renowned for its authentic Cypriot cuisine, featuring a generous selection of meze dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The outdoor terrace, often graced with live music, sets a charming scene for a truly local dining experience.
  2. Maqam Al-Sultan: Bringing the flavors of Lebanon to the heart of Larnaca, Maqam Al-Sultan offers a taste of the Middle East. From juicy shawarmas to delicate baklava, the dishes are prepared with skill and authenticity. The restaurant’s prime location on the bustling Finikoudes promenade, combined with traditional live music, creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.
  3. Psarolimano Fish Tavern: For seafood lovers, Psarolimano Fish Tavern is an absolute must-visit. Overlooking the picturesque Larnaca marina, the restaurant specializes in fresh fish and seafood dishes. From grilled octopus to calamari, every dish promises a fresh taste of the Mediterranean Sea.
  4. Art Café 1900: More than a restaurant, Art Café 1900 is an iconic landmark of Larnaca’s dining scene. With its eclectic décor and versatile menu, it offers a unique blend of Cypriot and international flavors. The upstairs gallery, adorned with vintage artifacts, and regular cultural events make this a dining experience unlike any other in the city.
  5. The Brewery: As Larnaca’s first microbrewery, The Brewery adds a unique touch to the local dining scene. Alongside its range of homemade beers, it offers a robust menu featuring classic pub grub with a twist. The casual, lively atmosphere makes it a popular spot for those looking to unwind and enjoy good food and drink.

These top 5 restaurants in Larnaca each offer a unique perspective on the culinary diversity of the city. From the traditional Cypriot atmosphere at To Kazani to the innovative microbrewery experience at The Brewery, dining in Larnaca caters to every culinary preference.

Each establishment showcases a different facet of Larnaca’s culinary culture, be it the authenticity of local Cypriot cuisine, the exotic allure of Lebanese dishes, the freshness of Mediterranean seafood, or the exciting blend of food and art. These eateries tell a story of the city’s gastronomic journey and provide food lovers with an experience to remember.

Larnaca is not just a city to visit; it’s a city to taste. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these restaurants are a testament to Larnaca’s rich and evolving culinary landscape, proving that the city’s gastronomic scene is as inviting as its beautiful coastline.

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