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Top 5 Restaurants in Cyprus

Top 5 Restaurants in Cyprus: A Gastronomic Exploration

by Gastronomy team

Cyprus, a jewel in the Mediterranean, is a culinary paradise where local traditions meet innovative culinary techniques. With influences from Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisines, the island offers a rich and diverse gastronomic experience. Below are the top 5 restaurants that stand out for their exceptional dishes and unique dining experiences:

  1. Ta Piatakia, Limassol: Situated in the heart of Limassol, Ta Piatakia, meaning “little plates,” is an ode to Cypriot cuisine. Chef Roddy Damalis creatively reimagines traditional recipes using local, seasonal ingredients. Guests can expect a menu that varies with the time of year, featuring dishes like marinated sea bass with figs or roasted quail with pomegranate. The intimate and artistic atmosphere makes dining here a special experience.
  2. Pyxida Fish Tavern, Nicosia: For seafood aficionados, Pyxida Fish Tavern in Nicosia is a must-visit. Set in a renovated old mansion, this restaurant offers a wide array of fresh fish and seafood. The fish meze, a selection of various seafood delicacies, is a highlight here, allowing guests to sample a variety of flavors. Paired with a sea view, the dining experience at Pyxida is truly memorable.
  3. 7 St. Georges Tavern, Paphos: Embodying the true spirit of Cyprus, 7 St. Georges Tavern in Paphos offers a unique meze experience. Unlike the fixed-menu meze found in many restaurants, here the dishes keep coming, all made from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. From homemade sausages to seasonal vegetables, the food is a celebration of Cypriot farming traditions, served in a rustic and welcoming environment.
  4. MA Japanese Peruvian Restaurant, Limassol: MA stands out as a beacon of innovation in the Cypriot culinary scene. Melding Japanese precision with Peruvian zest, the menu offers a sophisticated fusion experience. Sushi, sashimi, tiraditos, and anticuchos are all crafted with exceptional skill. Set in a sleek and modern ambiance, MA brings a cosmopolitan flair to Limassol’s dining scene.
  5. Avli tou Vasilea, Nicosia: Translating to “The King’s Yard,” Avli tou Vasilea is housed in a charming Venetian building in Nicosia. This restaurant honors traditional Cypriot cuisine with an extensive meze menu, featuring dishes like ‘halloumi’ cheese, ‘sheftalia’ sausages, and marinated olives. The elegant setting, complete with a beautiful courtyard, adds to the regal dining experience.

These top 5 restaurants in Cyprus each offer a distinctive perspective on the island’s multifaceted culinary heritage. From the reinterpretation of Cypriot classics at Ta Piatakia to the creative fusion at MA Japanese Peruvian Restaurant, dining in Cyprus is a journey through flavors, textures, and cultural traditions.

Whether you’re a visitor exploring the island for the first time or a local looking to rediscover the taste of home, these exceptional establishments provide a gastronomic adventure that resonates with the heart and soul of Cyprus. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and authentic experiences makes them the shining stars of Cypriot dining.

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