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Sadni Čaj

Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Slovenia

by Gastronomy team

Situated in Central Europe with a blend of Alpine, Mediterranean, and Pannonian influences, Slovenia is a treasure trove of scenic beauty and cultural richness. But beyond its stunning landscapes and historical sites, Slovenia also offers an alluring array of beverages. Let’s journey through the aromatic lanes of this country and discover the top 5 non-alcoholic cocktails that are a true testament to Slovenia’s diverse palate.

1. Bezgov Sok (Elderflower Syrup): A symbol of Slovenian summers, Bezgov Sok is a refreshing elderflower syrup. Using blossoms freshly picked from elder trees, combined with sugar and lemons, this syrup, when diluted with cold water or soda, offers a fragrant, sweet, and slightly tangy drink. It encapsulates the very essence of Slovenian meadows in a glass.

2. Planinski Čaj (Mountain Tea): A beloved beverage especially during cold months, Planinski Čaj or mountain tea, is often brewed using various mountain herbs. Whether it’s the locally found lemon balm, thyme, or mint, this tea provides warmth, comfort, and is believed to have numerous health benefits.

3. Sadni Čaj (Fruit Tea): Slovenians have a penchant for teas, and their fruit teas, in particular, are an aromatic delight. Infused with dried fruits like apples, rosehip, and berries, Sadni Čaj is vibrant in color and bursting with flavors. Often sweetened with honey, it can be enjoyed hot or as a cooling iced tea in summer.

4. Jabolčnik (Apple Juice): With its orchards producing an abundance of apples, it’s no surprise that freshly pressed apple juice, or Jabolčnik, is a favorite. Natural, sweet, and sometimes with a hint of tartness depending on the apple variety, this juice is a pure reflection of Slovenian agriculture.

5. Borovničevec without Alcohol: The traditional Borovničevec is a blueberry schnapps, but its non-alcoholic counterpart, often a blueberry syrup or juice, is just as delightful. Made from wild blueberries, this deep-hued drink carries the flavors of Slovenian forests and can be mixed with water, soda, or even drizzled on desserts.

The tapestry of Slovenia’s non-alcoholic beverages is as varied and colorful as its landscapes. From the alpine meadows where elderflowers bloom to the dense forests yielding blueberries, the country’s drinks are a direct reflection of its natural wealth. So, if your travels ever take you to the picturesque locales of Slovenia, from Ljubljana’s historic streets to Lake Bled’s serene shores, ensure you savor these non-alcoholic wonders and toast to Slovenia’s rich culinary traditions.

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