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Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Singapore

by Gastronomy team

In the bustling heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore stands as a testament to a multicultural tapestry, a harmonious blend of traditions, cultures, and cuisines. This vibrant island city-state, known for its skyscrapers and sprawling gardens, boasts a drinks scene as diverse as its populace. While the Singapore Sling might be internationally renowned, the nation has a plethora of non-alcoholic beverages that locals cherish. Let’s dive into the top 5 non-alcoholic cocktails that define Singapore’s rich beverage tapestry.

1. Bandung: A visual and flavorful delight, Bandung is a rose-flavored drink that captivates with its soft pink hue. Made by blending rose syrup with milk and then topped with ice, this sweet, aromatic beverage is a popular choice during the fasting month of Ramadan and a staple in Malay weddings.

2. Teh Tarik: Literally translating to “pulled tea,” Teh Tarik is more than a beverage; it’s a performance. Strong tea and condensed milk are “pulled” to create a rich, frothy top, giving this drink its characteristic texture. Found in almost every local “kopitiam” (coffee shop), Teh Tarik is the heart and soul of Singapore’s tea culture.

3. Barley Water: A cooling antidote to Singapore’s tropical heat, barley water is a gentle, refreshing beverage. Boiled barley grains are sweetened, and often, pandan leaves are added for an aromatic touch. Served cold, this translucent drink is believed to have various health benefits, making it a popular choice amongst the health-conscious.

4. Ice Kacang: While technically a dessert, Ice Kacang is a drinkable feast. Shaved ice is heaped over a mix of sweetened red beans, jelly, sweet corn, and attap chee (palm seeds). Drizzled with rose syrup, evaporated milk, and sometimes gula melaka (palm sugar), this colorful concoction is a sweet symphony of flavors and textures.

5. Lime Juice: Simple yet revitalizing, freshly squeezed lime juice sweetened to perfection is a go-to drink for Singaporeans. Often accompanied by a salty plum or two, this tangy beverage quenches thirst like no other, especially when the humidity levels soar.

Singapore’s non-alcoholic drinks are a reflection of its diverse demographics, culinary influences, and its response to the tropical climate. They resonate with the nation’s history, its amalgamation of cultures, and the spirit of innovation. Whether you’re traversing the futuristic cityscape, exploring heritage enclaves, or feasting in hawker centers, these beverages offer a refreshing respite and a taste of Singapore’s soul.

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