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Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Denmark

by Gastronomy team

Denmark, known for its hygge (coziness), modern design, and rich Viking history, offers a palette of flavors when it comes to beverages. Beyond the famous Carlsberg beer and akvavit spirit, the Danes have an array of delightful non-alcoholic concoctions that reflect their love for simplicity, nature, and comfort. Let’s explore the top five non-alcoholic cocktails that give a taste of authentic Danish life.

  1. Hyldeblomstdrik (Elderflower Cordial): One of Denmark’s summertime delights, Hyldeblomstdrik is a fragrant and refreshing drink made from the blossoms of the elderflower tree. The delicate blossoms are infused with sugar and lemon to create a syrup. When mixed with chilled water or soda, it serves as a quintessential Danish summer drink, reminiscent of lazy days in the Scandinavian sun.
  2. Dansk Vand (Danish Water): While the name may sound plain, Dansk Vand is anything but. It’s a carbonated soft drink flavored with a hint of apple, making it a lighter and less sugary alternative to many commercial sodas. Paired with a slice of lemon or cucumber, it’s the perfect refresher for a hot day or a palate cleanser between courses.
  3. Solbær Saft (Blackcurrant Squash): Blackcurrants thrive in Denmark’s temperate climate. Come harvest time, these tart berries are transformed into a concentrated squash known as Solbær Saft. When diluted, it offers a deep purple, tangy, and sweet beverage that captures the essence of Danish summers. It’s not only delicious but also packed with vitamin C.
  4. Koldskål: Translating to ‘cold bowl’, Koldskål is a chilled sweet buttermilk soup, typically enjoyed during summer. While it’s often eaten with biscuits or as a dessert, many Danes also drink it straight as a sweet and tangy refreshment. Infused with lemon and vanilla, Koldskål is a celebration of Danish comfort.
  5. Rabarber Saft (Rhubarb Juice): Making the most of the short rhubarb season, Danes prepare Rabarber Saft by simmering rhubarb stalks with sugar and water. The result is a vibrant pink, slightly tart, and sweet drink. Often mixed with sparkling water, it’s a delightful soda alternative and a tribute to Denmark’s seasonal bounties.

Denmark’s non-alcoholic drinks offer a window into its culture – one that values the changing seasons, nature’s produce, and moments of coziness. From the fragrant elderflower cordial to the comforting Koldskål, these beverages are a testament to the Danish way of life. When in Denmark, or even at home, indulging in these drinks is a step closer to embracing the Danish spirit of hygge.

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