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Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Croatia

by Gastronomy team

With its Adriatic coastline, picturesque islands, and rich history, Croatia is a haven for tourists. While many are familiar with its UNESCO heritage sites and stunning beaches, Croatia’s culinary scene, especially its array of non-alcoholic beverages, remains a hidden gem. Here’s a list of the top five non-alcoholic cocktails that capture the essence of Croatian flavors.

  1. Cedevita: One of Croatia’s iconic non-alcoholic beverages, Cedevita is an instant vitamin drink, a blend of nine essential vitamins. Available in a range of flavors like orange, lemon, and grapefruit, this effervescent drink can be found in households across the country. Its refreshing taste combined with its health benefits makes it a popular choice, especially during the summer.
  2. Pip: A legacy from the days of the former Yugoslavia, Pip is a carbonated soft drink made from tangerine and grapefruit. With its distinct citrusy taste and a hint of bitterness, Pip has become a beloved nostalgic beverage among locals. Served chilled, it’s the perfect companion for a sunny day on the Dalmatian coast.
  3. Smokva (Fig Drink): Croatia, especially its coastal regions, is renowned for its luscious figs. Many households prepare a non-alcoholic syrup made from figs, sugar, and water. This Smokva syrup, when diluted with water, offers a delightful sweet drink. It’s not just a tasty beverage but also carries the aromas of Croatian summers.
  4. Borovnica (Blueberry Drink): Made from the wild blueberries found in Croatia’s mountainous regions, Borovnica is a sweet syrup that is often diluted with cold water or sparkling water. The deep blue-purple hue of the drink is a visual treat, while its tangy-sweet flavor is reminiscent of Croatia’s pristine forests.
  5. Bezeg (Elderflower Syrup): Elderflower, known as ‘Bezeg’ in Croatian, blossoms in late spring and early summer. The flowers are used to prepare a fragrant syrup, often homemade, by infusing them with sugar, lemon, and water. When mixed with chilled water or soda, this syrup becomes a refreshing and aromatic drink, embodying the scents of Croatian spring.

Beyond its scenic landscapes and historical landmarks, Croatia offers a palate of flavors waiting to be discovered. Its non-alcoholic beverages, often interwoven with traditions and seasons, are a testament to the country’s rich natural bounty and culinary heritage. Whether you’re wandering through its ancient towns or lounging by the Adriatic, make sure to quench your thirst with these Croatian specialties.

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