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Minty Mountain Mojito

Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Andorra

by Gastronomy team

In the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra is a small country known for its stunning landscapes and winter sports. While it might be renowned for its mountainous terrain and duty-free shopping, Andorra also boasts an exciting array of non-alcoholic cocktails. Whether you’re a teetotaler, designated driver, or just looking for a refreshing drink sans the spirits, Andorra has got you covered. Here’s a list of the top 5 non-alcoholic cocktails that you must try on your next trip.

  1. Pirineus Spritz
    • Ingredients: Sparkling water, elderflower syrup, fresh lime juice, and a slice of cucumber.
    • Preparation: Combine the elderflower syrup and lime juice in a glass filled with ice. Top up with sparkling water, give it a gentle stir, and garnish with a slice of cucumber.
    • Taste: This drink is light, refreshing, and subtly sweet. The cucumber adds a spa-like freshness, making it an ideal drink for a hot summer day in Andorra.
  2. Andorra Sunset
    • Ingredients: Orange juice, grenadine, soda water, and a cherry for garnish.
    • Preparation: Fill a tall glass with ice, pour in the orange juice almost to the top, followed by a splash of soda. Slowly drizzle the grenadine, which will settle at the bottom, creating a beautiful sunset gradient. Garnish with a cherry.
    • Taste: A delightful mix of citrusy and sweet, this drink is reminiscent of the beautiful sunsets over the Andorran mountains.
  3. Minty Mountain Mojito
    • Ingredients: Fresh mint leaves, lime, brown sugar, crushed ice, and soda water.
    • Preparation: Muddle the mint leaves, sugar, and lime in a glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top up with soda water. Give it a gentle stir.
    • Taste: A non-alcoholic take on the classic mojito, this drink offers a cool, refreshing taste, perfect after a long day of skiing or hiking in Andorra’s majestic peaks.
  4. Valira Cooler
    • Ingredients: Apple juice, lemon juice, ginger ale, and a slice of apple for garnish.
    • Preparation: Combine apple and lemon juice in a glass with ice. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a slice of apple.
    • Taste: Named after the Valira River flowing through Andorra, this drink is crisp and invigorating, capturing the essence of the pristine Andorran nature.
  5. Pyrenean Passion Punch
    • Ingredients: Passion fruit pulp, pineapple juice, soda water, and a slice of lime for garnish.
    • Preparation: In a glass with ice, combine the passion fruit pulp and pineapple juice. Top up with soda water and garnish with a slice of lime.
    • Taste: Tropical and tantalizing, this punch is a delightful fusion of flavors, echoing the diverse cultural influences of Andorra.

Andorra, while petite in size, offers an array of unique and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails that are a testament to its rich culture and natural beauty. So, next time you’re in this Pyrenean paradise, don’t forget to quench your thirst with these fabulous concoctions. Cheers to the spirit of Andorra!

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