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Bock Bisztró

Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Hungary

by Gastronomy team

1. **Onyx Restaurant** – Budapest

Located in the heart of Budapest, Onyx Restaurant is one of Hungary’s two Michelin-starred establishments. The restaurant offers an unforgettable fine-dining experience, boasting elegant interiors and innovative Hungarian cuisine. The chefs showcase local ingredients through a modern lens in dishes like their “Within Our Borders” and “Beyond Our Borders” tasting menus.

2. **Bock Bisztró** – Budapest

At Bock Bisztró, traditional Hungarian fare is given a creative twist. Chef Lajos Bíró masterfully combines Hungarian culinary traditions with contemporary techniques to create a unique dining experience. The restaurant also features an extensive selection of wines from the Bock Winery and other top Hungarian producers.

3. **Százéves Étterem** – Budapest

As the oldest restaurant in Hungary, Százéves Étterem has been serving traditional Hungarian dishes since 1831. With its historic setting, ornate decor, and a menu featuring classics like goulash soup and Hortobágyi pancakes, this restaurant offers a dining experience steeped in tradition and history.

4. **Kistücsök** – Balatonszemes

Situated near Lake Balaton, Kistücsök is renowned for its regional Hungarian dishes made from local ingredients. The restaurant’s location influences its menu, featuring freshwater fish from the lake and produce from local farmers. Coupled with its extensive Hungarian wine list, Kistücsök delivers a genuine taste of the Balaton region.

5. **Anyukám Mondta** – Encs

In the small town of Encs, the family-run Anyukám Mondta combines Hungarian cuisine with Italian influences. Known for their artisan pizzas and homemade pasta, this quirky spot has earned a reputation for its exceptional food and friendly service. Don’t miss their homemade desserts!

These five restaurants capture the essence of Hungary’s culinary scene, from Michelin-starred dining to family-run establishments. They each offer unique atmospheres and menus that bring Hungarian flavours to life. For a taste of Hungary that goes beyond traditional goulash, these top-notch restaurants are not to be missed. Jó étvágyat!

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