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Finland's culinary scene

Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Finland

by Gastronomy team

1. **Restaurant Olo** – Helsinki

Situated in the heart of Helsinki, the Michelin-starred Restaurant Olo takes you on a culinary journey through Finnish flavors. Head Chef Jari Vesivalo curates a menu centered around seasonal local produce. The innovative ‘Short Journey’ and ‘Long Journey’ tasting menus showcase the best of Finnish gastronomy with dishes like reindeer tartar and whitefish roe. 

2. **Ravintola Savoy** – Helsinki

A legendary fixture in Helsinki’s dining scene since 1937, Ravintola Savoy’s timeless elegance is paired with traditional Finnish cuisine. Offering stunning views over Helsinki’s rooftops, it’s renowned for dishes like Vorschmack, a savory meat casserole, and Rhubarb Dream, a favorite dessert of the famous architect Alvar Aalto. Dining at Savoy is akin to stepping into a piece of Finland’s culinary history.

3. **Restaurant KuuKuu** – Helsinki

In the trendy district of Töölö, Restaurant KuuKuu is a local favorite. Known for its organic and locally-sourced ingredients, the menu consists of Finnish and European dishes. Whether you choose the traditional salmon soup or reindeer sirloin, KuuKuu provides a warm, homey atmosphere for an authentic Finnish dining experience.

4. **Nili** – Rovaniemi

Nili, located in the heart of Rovaniemi, offers traditional Lappish cuisine in a rustic setting. Here, you can sample regional specialties such as Arctic char, smoked reindeer, and Lappish cheese. The cozy, log cabin-style decor complements the hearty food, making Nili an inviting venue to experience the culinary delights of Lapland.

5. **Grön** – Helsinki

Grön’s philosophy revolves around pure, organic, and wild ingredients. Led by Chef Toni Kostian, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves creatively prepared plant-based and organic dishes. Menu highlights include beetroot with blackcurrant leaf and Finnish caviar served with cultured cream. A meal at Grön is a celebration of Finland’s natural bounty.

Finland’s culinary scene, with its focus on local, organic, and wild ingredients, offers an array of flavors waiting to be explored. From sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional Lappish cuisine, these five Finnish restaurants provide a diverse range of gastronomic experiences. Tervetuloa!

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