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Slovenia’s Top 5 Wines: A Toast to Alpine Elegance

by World food team

Tucked away between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia’s wine culture is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. With a viticultural history dating back to the Celts and Illyrians, Slovenia presents a tapestry of unique terroirs and innovative winemakers. Let’s dive into the top 5 wines that encapsulate the essence of Slovenian enology.

Rebula (Ribolla Gialla):

Native to the Brda region, which Slovenia shares with Italy, Rebula is a white grape that has become synonymous with Slovenian wine identity. This wine is characterized by its golden hue, fresh acidity, and notes of green apple, lemon zest, and almond. It shines alongside Mediterranean dishes or fresh seafood.


Hailing from the Karst plateau, Teran is a red wine made from the Refošk grape. Renowned for its deep ruby color, robust tannins, and flavors of dark berries, violets, and earthy undertones, it’s a testament to the red clay (terra rossa) soil of the region. Teran is a hearty companion to red meat dishes, especially pršut (Slovenian prosciutto).

Sivi Pinot (Pinot Gris):

While Pinot Gris is grown worldwide, Slovenia’s take on this variety is distinctively aromatic and flavorful. The wines often exhibit notes of ripe pear, melon, and toasted nuts, balanced with lively acidity. It pairs harmoniously with poultry or pasta dishes.

Sauvignonasse (formerly Tokaj):

Once confused with the Hungarian Tokaji, Sauvignonasse in Slovenia is a white grape producing wines with herbaceous notes, reminiscent of green bell pepper, fresh grass, and lime. These wines are refreshingly crisp, making them ideal summer sippers or pairings with light salads and fish.


This unique Slovenian wine is a blend of both red and white grape varieties from the Dolenjska region. Light in alcohol and characterized by its tart cherry and raspberry notes, Cviček is pleasantly refreshing and pairs well with Slovenian sausage or charcuterie.

Slovenia, with its mosaic of climates from Alpine to maritime, crafts wines that are both reflective of its diverse terroirs and its innovative spirit. With each sip, one is transported to the lush vineyards, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes of this enchanting country. If you’re in the quest for wines that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, Slovenia beckons.

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