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Nicosia’s Culinary Scene: A Guide to Dining

by World food team

Nicosia, Cyprus’s largest city, offers a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary culinary experiences. Here are some must-visit restaurants in this vibrant city:

Piatsa Gourounaki – For a casual yet authentic Cypriot experience, try Piatsa Gourounaki. Known for its succulent souvlaki and gyros, this eatery provides a true taste of Cyprus.

Pantopoleio Kali Orexi – A traditional tavern offering Cypriot and Greek dishes in a lively atmosphere. Local favorites include moussaka and grilled halloumi.

Evohia – Evohia is renowned for its creative fusion of Cypriot cuisine with modern European touches. The tasting menu is a gastronomic journey worth exploring.

To Anamma – This cozy restaurant offers a mix of Greek and Cypriot dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, organic ingredients. The lamb dishes are particularly beloved.

Avo’s Armenian Food – A unique spot in Nicosia, Avo’s specializes in Armenian cuisine, allowing guests to experience flavors from a neighboring culture.

The Blue Elephant – For those seeking Asian cuisine, The Blue Elephant is a must-visit, offering an array of Thai dishes in a beautifully decorated setting.

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Pralina Experience – A sophisticated option for fine dining, Pralina Experience offers Mediterranean cuisine with a modern flair. Their wine list is extensive and well-curated.

Souvlaki.gr Kantina – A popular spot for quick bites, Souvlaki.gr Kantina serves delicious Greek street food, including wraps and salads.

Rokoko Bakery – For those with a sweet tooth, Rokoko Bakery’s pastries, cakes, and cookies are freshly made and delectable. Their traditional Cypriot sweets are a must-try.

Barrafino Wine & Cocktail Bar – Perfect for an evening out, Barrafino offers an array of wines, cocktails, and tapas in a stylish setting.

Nicosia’s culinary offerings represent the rich cultural tapestry of Cyprus. From the authentic Cypriot dishes at Pantopoleio Kali Orexi to the modern European fusion at Evohia, the city provides a diverse dining experience that caters to all tastes. Food lovers can relish the traditional flavors at Piatsa Gourounaki, explore Armenian cuisine at Avo’s, or indulge in fine Mediterranean dining at Pralina Experience. Nicosia also caters to those craving international tastes, with places like The Blue Elephant providing a slice of Thai cuisine.

These top dining spots in Nicosia not only reflect the island’s culinary heritage but also embrace global flavors and modern gastronomic trends. Whether you’re seeking a traditional meal, an elegant dining experience, or a quick snack on the go, Nicosia’s culinary scene promises a delightful and satisfying exploration of tastes. Whether a resident or visitor, one is bound to discover the richness and diversity of Cypriot culture through its food in the heart of the capital.

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