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BD's Mongolian Grill, Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian Feasts: Top 5 Dining Experiences in Mongolia

by Gastronomy team

Immerse yourself in the culinary landscape of Mongolia, a country where the cuisine is shaped by its nomadic heritage and extreme climate. Here are the top five restaurants that offer a diverse and authentic taste of Mongolia.

1. **Modern Nomads, Ulaanbaatar:** A perfect place to sample Mongolian cuisine in a contemporary setting, Modern Nomads presents traditional dishes with a modern twist. Their Aaruul Salad (dried curds) and Buuz (steamed dumplings) are standout items that showcase Mongolia’s unique flavors.

2. **BD’s Mongolian Grill, Ulaanbaatar:** Inspired by the traditional Mongolian technique of cooking on a large, open surface, BD’s Mongolian Grill offers a customizable dining experience. Select your choice of meats, vegetables, and sauces, and watch as your creation is stir-fried to perfection on the large grill.

3. **Hazara, Ulaanbaatar:** Hazara provides a delightful break from traditional Mongolian cuisine, offering North Indian dishes. The restaurant’s decor mirrors an Indian haveli, and the menu features classics like Tandoori Chicken and Palak Paneer. A perfect pick for those craving diversity in their culinary journey.

4. **Los Bandidos, Ulaanbaatar:** If you’re seeking a blend of international and Mongolian cuisine, Los Bandidos is a must-visit. The menu is diverse, featuring Mongolian, Mexican, and European dishes. Don’t miss the Mongolian-style beef, a fusion of local flavors with international cooking methods.

5. **Luna Blanca, Ulaanbaatar:** A pioneer in the vegetarian food scene, Luna Blanca serves a wide array of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their vegan Tsuivan (fried noodle) and the veggie Buuz are delightful plant-based versions of traditional Mongolian cuisine.

These five restaurants provide a window into Mongolia’s gastronomic culture, showcasing the country’s meat-centric cuisine while also embracing culinary diversity. Each establishment tells a story of Mongolia’s culinary evolution, from the hearty dishes shaped by its nomadic roots to modern adaptations and global influences. As you explore these venues, you’ll discover Mongolia’s rich food culture, characterized by simple, hearty flavors and the warm hospitality of its people.

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