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Kazakh Caviar

Kazakhstan’s Seafood Surprises: A Culinary Journey Beyond the Steppes

by Gastronomy team

Kazakhstan, often associated with vast steppes, nomadic traditions, and the Silk Road, is a landlocked nation with a rich tapestry of cultures. While it’s celebrated for its horse meat dishes and fermented dairy, there’s a lesser-known side to its cuisine: seafood. With the Caspian Sea to its west and numerous lakes and rivers, Kazakhstan’s seafood dishes are a testament to its aquatic connections. Let’s delve into Kazakhstan’s unexpected seafood offerings.

Caspian Sturgeon

The Caspian Sea, the world’s largest inland body of water, is home to the prized sturgeon. In Kazakhstan, this fish is often grilled or baked, with its delicate, flaky meat serving as a reminder of the country’s western coastline.

Kazakh Caviar

The sturgeon of the Caspian Sea also provides Kazakhstan with one of its most luxurious exports: caviar. This delicacy, often enjoyed on blinis or toast, is a symbol of the aquatic riches that lie within the nation’s borders.


Influenced by neighboring nations, kuksi is a noodle soup that occasionally features seafood, such as shrimp or fish, in its broth. While not traditionally Kazakh, its presence in the nation’s cuisine speaks to the blending of culinary traditions.

Balik Shashlik

Drawing from the shashlik (kebab) culture, fish, often marinated in local spices and herbs, is skewered and grilled over open flames. This dish, while simple, captures the essence of Kazakh flavors and its penchant for grilling.


A soup made from fish caught in Kazakhstan’s freshwater lakes, zharma is a testament to the country’s inland aquatic resources. Seasoned with local herbs and often accompanied by potatoes or grains, it’s a comforting dish that connects the Kazakh people to their waterways.

Kazakhstan’s Seafood Connection

From the bustling markets of Almaty to the serene shores of the Caspian, Kazakhstan’s relationship with seafood, though not as globally renowned as its meats, is deep and historic. The nation’s water bodies, rich in aquatic life, have given rise to a seafood culture that’s both traditional and unexpected.

Why Seafood in Kazakhstan? While Kazakhstan might not have oceans, its connection to the Caspian Sea and its myriad of lakes and rivers ensures a relationship with seafood. The Kazakh culinary ethos, which emphasizes fresh ingredients and hearty flavors, ensures that its seafood dishes, though lesser-known, are of impeccable taste and quality.

Kazakhstan’s seafood dishes offer a culinary journey through its shimmering waters and vast landscapes. From the luxurious notes of caviar to the comforting warmth of zharma, Kazakhstan serves up a seafood experience that’s as rhythmic as its traditional dombra music and as vast as its horizons. For those keen on exploring the maritime flavors of Central Asia with a touch of Kazakh charm, the nation’s seafood surprises beckon with intrigue and authenticity.

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