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Georgian Gastronomy: Top 5 Restaurants in Georgia

by Gastronomy team

Georgia, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, also boasts a dynamic culinary scene. Its cuisine, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and diverse regional influences, is a delightful blend of flavours. Here are the top five restaurants that you must visit when in Georgia.

  • Barbarestan: Located in Tbilisi, Barbarestan is a culinary gem. The restaurant’s menu is based on the recipes from the 19th-century cookbook by Barbare Jorjadze, a famous Georgian writer and women’s rights activist. The restaurant’s elegant setting and the extensive wine list add to the overall dining experience. The ‘Stuffed Quail with Tkemali Sauce’ and the ‘Veal Chakapuli’ are standouts.
  • Culinarium Khasheria: Also in Tbilisi, Culinarium Khasheria offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Georgian cuisine. The menu, curated by Chef Tekuna Gachechiladze, is a testament to her passion for fresh, local ingredients. The ‘Khash Soup’ and the ‘Adjarian Khachapuri’ are must-tries.
  • Shavi Lomi: Situated in Tbilisi, Shavi Lomi offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and hearty dishes provide a welcoming setting. The menu features classic Georgian dishes like ‘Lobio’ (bean stew) and ‘Mtsvadi’ (grilled meat), all prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Sormoni: Located in Batumi, Sormoni is renowned for its blend of Adjarian and Georgian cuisine. The restaurant’s cozy, rustic decor and warm hospitality provide a welcoming atmosphere. The menu features classic dishes like ‘Adjarian Khachapuri’ and ‘Chakapuli’, all prepared with a modern twist.
  • Dzveli Sakhli: Situated in Kutaisi, Dzveli Sakhli offers a celebration of traditional Georgian cuisine. The menu, curated by Chef Giorgi Barisashvili, features classic Georgian dishes, prepared with a modern twist. The ‘Kubdari’ and the ‘Churchkhela’ are standouts.

These five restaurants encapsulate the culinary diversity and richness of Georgia. From elegant establishments offering gourmet Georgian cuisine to cozy eateries serving hearty traditional fare, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So, on your next visit to Georgia, make sure to embark on this gastronomic adventure.

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