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Equatorial Eats: Essential Tips for Food in Ecuador

by Gastronomy team

Ecuador, a small nation nestled on the equator, offers an incredibly diverse culinary scene influenced by its varied geography and cultures. Here are the top tips for your culinary adventure in Ecuador.

1. Start with Soup

Ecuadorians love their soup. Try ‘locro de papa,’ a creamy potato soup garnished with avocado and cheese, or ‘caldo de bolas,’ a banana dumpling soup filled with meat and vegetables.

2. Savor Classic Dishes

Sample ‘ceviche,’ seafood marinated in citrus juice. The Ecuadorian version often includes tomato sauce for added tang. ‘Seco de pollo,’ a stewed chicken dish with rice and ‘patacones’ (fried plantain slices), is another local favorite.

3. Try Street Food

Ecuadorian street food is diverse and delicious. From ‘cuy’ (guinea pig), a delicacy in the Andes, to coastal ‘encebollado’ (fish stew with yucca and pickled onions), you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds.

4. Indulge in Fresh Fruits and Juices

Ecuador’s markets are bursting with tropical fruits. Try ‘pitahaya’ (dragon fruit), ‘tomate de árbol’ (tamarillo), and ‘granadilla’ (a sweet variety of passion fruit). Freshly squeezed juices are also ubiquitous.

5. Visit Local Markets

Markets such as Otavalo and Cuenca offer an array of fresh produce, meats, and local delicacies. They’re perfect for a self-guided food tour and cultural immersion.

6. Enjoy Ecuadorian Coffee and Chocolate

Ecuador produces high-quality coffee and cacao. Visit coffee farms in Loja or chocolate factories in Quito for a first-hand experience.

7. Try Traditional Drinks

‘Chicha,’ a fermented corn drink, and ‘canelazo,’ a hot cinnamon-spiced rum beverage, are traditional Ecuadorian drinks you should sample.

8. Understand Regional Differences

Ecuador’s cuisine varies greatly by region. Coastal cuisine is seafood-heavy, the Andean region relies on potatoes and meat, while the Amazon offers exotic fruits and game.

9. Learn Dining Etiquette

Ecuadorians are generally relaxed about dining etiquette. However, using utensils whenever possible (even for fruits and street foods) is common, and it’s polite to keep your hands on the table.

10. Engage with Locals

Engaging with locals will enhance your food experience. They can offer the best recommendations and insights into the food culture of Ecuador.

Ecuador offers a diverse food experience, from hearty Andean dishes and coastal ceviche to exotic Amazonian ingredients and tantalizing street food. Paired with the nation’s excellent coffee, chocolate, and traditional drinks, your Ecuadorian culinary journey promises to be a thrilling adventure. Enjoy your gastronomic exploration in Ecuador!

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