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URKO Cocina Local

Ecuador’s Epicurean Escapes: Top 5 Dining Experiences

by Gastronomy team

Ecuador, a country known for its geographic diversity, mirrors this richness in its culinary scene. With a mix of Indigenous, Spanish, and African influences, Ecuador’s food is as varied as its landscapes. Here are the top five places to eat in Ecuador.

1. **URKO Cocina Local** – Located in Quito, URKO Cocina Local offers a farm-to-table experience that showcases the best of Ecuador’s diverse ingredients. Chef Alejandro Chamorro’s tasting menu, which includes dishes like ceviche with traditional Ecuadorian corn, provides an exquisite journey through the country’s culinary landscape.

2. **Zazu** – Also in Quito, Zazu delivers a blend of Ecuadorian flavors and international influences. The restaurant’s modern, stylish ambiance complements its innovative menu, with standout dishes like smoked duck carpaccio and cocoa-glazed pork belly.

3. **Casa Julian** – Nestled in the historic town of Cuenca, Casa Julian offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary Ecuadorian cuisine. Its signature dishes, such as slow-roasted pork leg and quinoa risotto, are a testament to Ecuador’s hearty Andean culinary traditions.

4. **El Manso Boutique Hostal Restaurant** – Situated in Guayaquil, El Manso provides a blend of vegetarian and seafood-centric dishes that capture the coastal flavors of Ecuador. The restaurant’s green plantain empanadas and shrimp ceviche are local favorites.

5. **La Pizarra del Teatro** – A hidden gem in Loja, La Pizarra del Teatro serves a unique blend of Lojano and international cuisine. The chef’s creativity shines through in dishes like trout with native potatoes and alpaca carpaccio.

These top five dining destinations in Ecuador offer a varied taste of the country’s culinary traditions. From the innovative dishes at URKO Cocina Local and Zazu to the regional flavors of Casa Julian and La Pizarra del Teatro, these restaurants invite you to explore the depth and diversity of Ecuador’s food culture.

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