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The Pancake Bakery, Amsterdam

Dutch Dining: Top 5 Restaurants in the Netherlands

by Gastronomy team

The Netherlands offers an intriguing blend of traditional and international cuisine. From cozy cafés to Michelin-starred dining experiences, here are the top five places that showcase the best of Dutch gastronomy.

1. **De Librije, Zwolle:** An iconic three-Michelin-star restaurant located in a 15th-century Dominican abbey, De Librije offers a world-class dining experience. Led by Chef Jonnie Boer, the menu is innovative and changes with the seasons. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive and well-curated wine list. 

2. **The Pancake Bakery, Amsterdam:** This pancake house, located in a 17th-century warehouse along the Prinsengracht, is a must-visit in Amsterdam. The menu features a staggering variety of pancakes, from traditional Dutch to international flavours. Don’t miss the classic apple and cheese pancake.

3. **Rijks, Amsterdam:** Located next to the Rijksmuseum, this Michelin-starred restaurant showcases Dutch cuisine with a contemporary twist. The menu changes frequently, featuring locally sourced ingredients and reflecting the country’s multicultural culinary influences.

4. **FG Restaurant, Rotterdam:** With two Michelin stars to its name, FG Restaurant, led by Chef François Geurds, is a testament to culinary innovation. With dishes that are as much a visual treat as they are a gastronomic delight, FG Restaurant promises a memorable fine-dining experience.

5. **Friet District, The Hague:** When in the Netherlands, indulging in ‘frites’ or fries, a Dutch staple, is a must. Friet District elevates this classic street food with high-quality ingredients and a selection of homemade sauces. Try the traditional patatje oorlog, fries topped with mayonnaise, raw onions, and satay sauce.

These five restaurants encapsulate the range of dining experiences the Netherlands offers. From the cosy charm of pancake houses to the refined elegance of Michelin-starred establishments, each spot provides a unique insight into Dutch food culture. Whether you’re tucking into a stack of pancakes or savouring a gourmet meal, you’ll experience the heart and soul of Dutch cuisine: its love for hearty, comforting food and its embrace of innovation and international influences.

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