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El Cocinero

Caribbean Cravings: Top 5 Restaurants in Cuba

by Gastronomy team

Cuba, known for its vibrant culture, historic cities, and lively music, also boasts a rich culinary scene. Its cuisine, deeply influenced by its Caribbean location and diverse cultural heritage, is a delightful blend of flavours. Here are the top five restaurants that you must visit when in Cuba.

  • La Guarida: Located in Havana, La Guarida is a culinary institution. Set in a beautiful, old mansion, the restaurant offers an elegant dining experience. Chef Enrique Nuñez’s menu features Cuban classics with a gourmet twist, such as the ‘Rabbit in Wine Sauce’ and the ‘Tuna with Sugar Cane Honey’. The restaurant’s stunning setting and the extensive wine list add to the overall dining experience.
  • El Cocinero: Also in Havana, El Cocinero offers a unique blend of Cuban and international cuisine. The menu, curated by Chef Ransys Alfonso, is a testament to his passion for fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant’s modern, industrial setting, located in a former cooking oil factory, provides a unique backdrop. The ‘Grilled Lobster’ is a standout.
  • Paladar Los Mercaderes: Situated in Old Havana, Paladar Los Mercaderes offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant’s colonial decor and warm hospitality provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The menu features hearty Cuban dishes, such as ‘Ropa Vieja’ (shredded beef) and ‘Lamb in Honey Sauce’, all prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
  • San Cristobal Paladar: Located in Havana, San Cristobal Paladar is renowned for its traditional Cuban cuisine. The restaurant’s eclectic decor and lively atmosphere provide a vibrant setting. The menu features classic dishes like ‘Malanga Fritters’ and ‘Pork Leg Roasted in Beer’. The ‘Lobster Enchilada’ is a delight.
  • Vistamar: Situated in Havana, Vistamar offers a laid-back, beachside dining experience. The menu, curated by Chef Alberto Vega, features a range of dishes, from fresh seafood to succulent steaks, all prepared with a Cuban twist. The ‘Grilled Red Snapper’ is a highlight.

These five restaurants encapsulate the culinary diversity and richness of Cuba. From elegant establishments offering gourmet Cuban cuisine to laid-back beachside eateries serving comfort food, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So, on your next visit to Cuba, make sure to embark on this gastronomic adventure.

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