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Restaurant Liza, Beirut

A Gastronomic Journey: Top 5 Restaurants in Lebanon

by Gastronomy team

Lebanon, renowned for its rich culinary heritage, offers a plethora of flavors that are both diverse and delightful. Here, we explore the top five dining venues that encapsulate the essence of Lebanese gastronomy, delivering an experience that transcends the boundaries of taste.

1. **Em Sherif, Beirut:** Set in an elegantly traditional house, Em Sherif is known for its set menu of over 30 authentic Lebanese dishes. The exquisite Mezze, perfectly grilled meats, and irresistible desserts such as Mouhalabieh make it a must-visit. The opulent decor and impeccable service further add to this ultimate Lebanese dining experience.

2. **Tawlet, Beirut:** A unique farm-to-table concept, Tawlet showcases the rich diversity of Lebanon’s regional cuisines. The menu changes daily and is curated by home cooks from different parts of the country. Don’t miss out on their Fattet Magdoos, a scrumptious eggplant casserole, or the mouthwatering Kibbe, a traditional meatball dish.

3. **Al Sultan Brahim, Beirut:** Named after a popular Lebanese folk song, Al Sultan Brahim is a renowned seafood restaurant with a history dating back to 1961. Its seaside location provides stunning views, while its menu features fresh seafood delicacies like Sayadieh (fish with rice) and Tajen Samak (fish in sesame sauce), promising a sensory delight.

4. **Babel Bay, Beirut:** Nestled by the Zaitunay Bay Marina, Babel Bay offers a modern twist on traditional Lebanese cuisine. Here, you can savor everything from fresh oysters to expertly grilled meats, all while overlooking the tranquil waters. The Babel Bay Seafood Platter, brimming with the day’s catch, is a must-try.

5. **Restaurant Liza, Beirut:** Situated in a lavish 19th-century palace, Liza combines gastronomy with aesthetics, offering a stylish dining experience. Alongside traditional Lebanese dishes, their menu also features forgotten recipes from rural Lebanon. Be sure to try the Freekeh (roasted grain salad) and their eclectic array of Mezze.

Each of these restaurants offers an authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine, weaving a complex tapestry of flavors that reflect the country’s diverse cultural influences. With every bite, you not only explore the unique gastronomic landscape of Lebanon but also partake in the timeless traditions that make up its culinary heritage.

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